What I’m Working On

Take A Chance: Adult Contemporary Romance/Erotic Romance novella. This is a spin-off featuring Megan, Mathis’ sister from Be A Doll. It can be read as a standalone, but I think it’s best to have read and enjoyed Be A Doll first. I’m currently writing the first draft. I already have the cover (I LOVE IT), but I still need to write the blurb. My editor expects this MS this winter, so I’m in a hurry! I’d like to release this novella as soon as possible before you forget Megan.

Two Of A Kind: New Adult Contemporary Romance novella. It’s a standalone. It’s going to be cute and sexy. It’s a ‘friends to lovers’ story and is currently only outlined. I will be writing the first draft in 2018.

Maxen: This is the second book in the Kinky Shine series, my rockstar romance series. It was finished, and I sent it to my editor before I asked her to wait for another version as I had a nagging feeling that the book didn’t reflect what I had first envisioned for his story. I’m currently trying to salvage it, but I’m still unhappy with the book, so I’m now considering rewriting it entirely and not just adding bits and pieces to give the story more strength. It takes a lot more time than I’d like, but I don’t want to give you a book I’m not 100% satisfied with. I hope you understand.

Otis: Third book in the Kinky Shine series. I’ll be writing it in December 2017. It’s outlined, and I love everything that is bound to happen in this book. It’s going to be different from Dex or Maxen.

Beckett: Fourth book in the Kinky Shine series. It’s outlined, and there’s a good chance that it’ll be my favorite of the four books if I do my job right. 😀 I’ll be writing it after Otis, so in 2018.

2B Roomies (2B Or Not 2B? from Byron’s POV with new material added): I started working on it. I’m halfway done with the first draft. It’ll be finished in 2018 so hopefully, you can expect a 2018 release.

Like Poison: New Adult Contemporary Romance standalone novel. The first time I got this story idea was over three years ago. You can imagine how eager I am now. I haven’t outlined it, but I have pages worth of notes and a gut-wrenching prologue. I hope to write this one soon, but I don’t want to push back my other releases, so I’m waiting until my schedule is open.