I did a thing…

Hi lovelies,

I hope you had or are having a great weekend. For me, it’s a productive one since I’m hurrying to finish the first draft of a novella my editor expects next week. I have three scenes left to write and then… the end! 

This past week was scary, thrilling and quite crazy with the release of my new book MESSY LOVE. By the way, it’s still $0.99 but not for much longer so don’t wait!

By now, you must be wondering what I did that justified a new post on the blog. Let me explain.

A while ago, I did a poll asking readers if they would prefer I keep my novel Be A Doll in Kindle Unlimited or if I published it wide, meaning that it would be available on iTunes, Kobo and B&N. It appeared that you wanted Be A Doll available on other stores.

And I finally did it!

Be A Doll is available on Amazon, but also iTunes, Kobo and B&N. What do you think?

If you don’t remember what Be A Doll is about, let me remind you. 😉

Ebook cover BE A DOLL

At Carter Manor, women were groomed to become the perfect next trophy wife for the most influential and powerful men in the world.
Polished, educated, and disciplined… they met every criteria.
Or did they?


After escaping two prospective husbands, I knew I didn’t have much of a choice anymore but to play by the rules if I didn’t want to end up back in the streets.
Upon meeting him I expected an older disgusting man, but he proved me wrong.
He was young, handsome… and despicable.
His cold hearted behavior and condescension caused me to lose my carefully built appearance of sophistication, but somehow, it made me win a husband who enjoyed toying with me until he could break the last pieces of who I used to be. I wouldn’t let him.
I hated him.
At least I did at first, until I had a peek underneath his walls and discovered the kind of pain he shouldered.


I never thought I’d get married and even less that I would be purchasing my wife, but for my business I would do anything.
At the Manor, I was sure I’d find bland women so polished that nothing of their own personality was left. But one candidate couldn’t hide the fire in her.
I was drawn, ready to toy with her, to tease her until she folded for me and let me take her to make her fully mine and not in name only.
I didn’t want love, I didn’t want her to be in my living space and I certainly didn’t want her to see who I really was under the facade I had spent years shaping myself to be, but that was exactly what was happening.
She fascinated me.
Her strength made me want her in the most all-consuming way.
Now I wondered who possessed whom.

***Standalone novel for readers over 18***




B&N (waiting for the link)

Let your friends know if you think they’d enjoy Be A Doll. 😘

And don’t forget Messy Love!

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What’s New On My Kindle? #2


What's New On Ma Kindle graphic for blog

Hi lovelies,

As you know, I’ve been MIA for a while, but now that I’m starting to feel better I’ve bought new books to add to my Kindle. I thought I’d share with you. 😉

Feel free to share what’s new on your Kindle and your book recs!

I 1-clicked when it was on pre-order. I can’t resist rockstar romance novels. 😉

I 1-clicked when it went on pre-order. Need I explain myself? 😛

Rockstar Romance, first book in the series, but can be read as a standalone. It was a nice story. I plan on reading the second book soon.

Contemporary Romance from the male’s POV. It sounds fun.

This one is short (?). I usually enjoy Shanora’s writing and I’m in the mood for something short and flirty.

I couldn’t open an email (newsletters) without seeing this book recommended. The cover is gorgeous and the story itself sounds something that will touch my heart. I can’t wait to read it.

I enjoy Kendall’s books so of course I couldn’t resist pre-ordering this one. And the cover… 😮 *drools*

The release is in January (2018).

I enjoy Ilsa’s stories and this blurb caught my attention. 🙂

It sounds really fun. The blurb made me smile so I don’t think I’m going to wait long before I read it.

My current read! She’s his best friend’s sister and she’s also his sister’s best friend.

This one sounds fun and light-hearted. I think it’ll be my next read.


That’s it for now! 😀

Come back in a couple of days for a tutorial to design teasers and a list of my favorite books read in 2017.

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What’s New On My Kindle #1

What's New On Ma Kindle graphic for blog

Hi lovelies,

It’s Saturday and with it comes a full weekend we can spend reading. I can’t tell you how much I look forward for uninterrupted time spent reading, but right now I’m still polishing Messy Love before I send it to my editor. It doesn’t mean I’m not adding more and more books to my Kindle. 😉

Once in a while, I will post a recap’ of what’s new on my Kindle. If you’d like to share what’s new on yours, comment and I’ll be all too happy to add more books to my insanely long TBR. 😛


I’ve been told time and again that I should read Torn by Carian Cole. I plan on reading it soon if I don’t let myself get distracted by other books. #bookwormproblems

It’s said to be an “Emotional Second Chance Romance” and with this cover, I couldn’t resist. A few friends also recommended me this book.

It was free when I 1-clicked. I saw it all over my timeline on Facebook and since it was free I would have been an idiot not to get it. Also… cute cover!

Toni Aleo is one of my go to authors when I want to read a sports romance. And don’t get me started on her Hockey players! #swoon I 1-clicked this one because it was only $0.99 and I intend on catching up on all of Toni Aleo’s books.

It was free when I 1-clicked. Once again, this was a book I couldn’t escape on my Facebook timeline. How could anyone expect me to resist? Apparently this is a fast paced story told from the guy’s POV.

Apparently this one is a fun read. I’m not ashamed to admit that when I read the first line in the blurb I snorted. “The only thing more humiliating than a guy falling asleep face-down in my crotch would be if he died there… Oh my god, is he DEAD?”  Of course I had to 1-click.

I don’t believe I need to explain this one. 😉 I 1-clicked as soon as it was live and I’m waiting to start reading this one. I don’t want to be obsessed by my deadline or be interrupted. I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to put it down.

It sounds soooo good. I’m in love with this cover, with the blurb, the tagline and I bet I’m going to fall for this story. I can’t wait.

This one is on pre-order for a release August 28. It sounds like a moving story and the blurb is very intriguing.

It sounds a little mysterious and it was free. The reviews are great and it looks like something I’d enjoy reading.

It’s said to be a steamy and hilarious standalone novel. I enjoy Samantha Towle’s books and couldn’t resist her new one. I can’t wait!

This is a second chance romance featuring a Hollywood actor! I look forward to reading it. And can I say that the cover is a bold choice and truly stands out? I love it.

This one sounds seriously hot and great. Two friends recommended it to me in the span of ten minutes. Of course, I couldn’t resist. And let’s take a moment to swoon while staring at that cover.


And that’s it for now. There’s no doubt in my mind. I will never be able to read all the books on my Kindle!

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