New Blog, New Look, First Post

Hi lovelies,

I have to admit I’m really excited. It’s my first post on my brand new blog!

Don’t mind me. I don’t need much to be excited. 😛

Why a new blog you ask? Good question.

I’ve been faithful to Blogger for years, since before my first book released back in 2013, but I feel that it’s time to change things and do something different with my blog.

I wanted to try WordPress, wanted to change my blog’s look and post more regularly. Now that I have a brand new place where I can hang out, I don’t have much of a choice: I have to become a blogger. 😮

This new adventure isn’t going to be easy. I’m pretty sure I’m not interesting enough to blog and keep your attention, but I need a new challenge.

What should you expect?

  • Book recommendations with short reviews of books I want you to read ASAP. I can be very convincing when it comes to books. 😉
  • Updates on my writing.
  • Recap’ with what’s new on my Kindle.
  • And probably anything that comes to mind. I wouldn’t be surprised if I posted about nail polish one day. That’s my second addiction, the first one being books.

I hope you’ll want to follow me and if there’s something you’d like to see on this blog, feel free to let me know in the comments. xx


New banner for 2017 SW stephanie Witter


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